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FW Texas: Cole's Birthday, y'all. Oh, and also Tupac's

So, we're celebrating Firestone Walker all month long.

And, Cole Kephart of Firestone Walker happens to have a birthday this month.

Well, I suppose we'll throw a weekday party! A Taco Tuesday party!!! 

However, he's from California. They eat burritos there apparently instead of tacos. I know, lame. 

Yet, we embrace this West Coastiness, and we are changing our Taco Tuesday for one week only and we are rolling out ... wait for it ... burritos!!! 

It's going to be #BurritoTuesday! Oh, and Cole informs us it is Tupac's birthday as well, so expect some jams on the radio and maybe a 2Pac movie on the tube! 

And it'll be any pint of beer and a burrito for a mere $10!