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Beer & Music Week - Young Creatures ft/ New Belgium

Young Creatures go on stage at 9 p.m.! 

Attempts to describe them often land at “psych” -- as in “psychedelic,” “psych-pop hypnotists,” or a “psych-rock band in pop clothing.”  The terminology is often bogged down by notions of illicit indulgences or foolhardy voyages into the vast inner unknown.  But this particular brand of rock ‘n roll is more than a simple affront to the machine-pop dominating our present-day collective consciousness.  It is an alternative translation of the world around us, one that captures the essence of power and beauty and emotion that human beings are uniquely attuned to, that our machines allow us to ignore.  That is the goal.

We'll have specials from New Belgium all day and night, including Ranger IPA, Session IPA, Snapshot Wheat and Portage Porter